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Saus.Guru Solids – Pitmaster Collection Dry Rubs: Dry Rubs Developed with Matching Sauces that Rock Your Taste Buds!

Short on time? Here’s a nutshell summary of the key things you need to know:

The 3 pillars of success for the Pitmaster Collection Dry Rubs:

1. Top-quality spices: Only the finest ingredients are used to create our unique rubs.
2. Perfect salt balance: Our rubs are carefully balanced so that the flavors of the herbs and spices don’t overpower.
3. Ultimate ‘Bark’: The precise grain size of our rubs ensures optimal flavor distribution and the perfect herbal coating.

7 reasons to choose the Pitmaster Collection:

1. Developed with pitmasters: Our collection is created in collaboration with real BBQ experts.
2. For the serious BBQ enthusiast: If you want to take your BBQ adventure to the next level, this is the collection for you.
3. Unique flavor enhancers: Our Pitmaster Rubs and Sauces are perfectly matched, just like wine and food in the best restaurants. There is a specific sauce for each rub, and vice versa.
4. European twist: We have adapted the American BBQ flavors to suit the refined European palate.
5. Perfect balance: Our sauces and rubs are not too acidic or too sweet, but just right.
6. Ideal for low & slow: Our products are ideal for the low & slow cooking method.
7. Premium quality: With Saus.Guru’s Pitmaster Collection, you choose premium quality and a unique flavor experience.

If you have a bit more time or simply want more details, read on.

Discover the versatility of Saus.Guru Dry Rubs: Brine and Injection Fluid!

Did you know that Saus.Guru’s Pitmaster Collection Dry Rubs can be used not only to create that coveted Bark but also as flavorful brine and injection fluid? Give your meat an extra boost and get even more out of our unique rubs. Whether you want to brine your chicken for juicy and flavorful results or inject the flavors deep into your pork shoulder for an unforgettable pulled pork, our versatile rubs provide you with that opportunity.

Visit the specific product pages on our website for more information on how to use our rubs for brining and injecting, as well as handy tips and tricks from the experts. Go beyond just the Bark and discover the versatility of Saus.Guru’s Pitmaster Collection Dry Rubs!

When you think of the Pitmaster Collection Dry Rubs, imagine a symphony of spices carefully crafted into a harmony of flavors. These are not ordinary rubs; they are top-quality ingredients processed to the perfect grain size for optimal flavor distribution.

What truly sets our rubs apart is their ability to create the perfect Bark. That crispy, flavorful layer that envelops your meat and transforms it into a culinary masterpiece. And that’s not all. We have ensured that the salt balance is just right, so that the flavors of the herbs and spices are not overpowered.

But the magic truly happens during the cooking process. As the meat slowly cooks, the rub remains glossy and moist thanks to the accompanying Pitmaster Sauce [Link]. A new layer is applied, layer by layer, until just before serving. The result? A shiny, flavorful end result that you won’t soon forget.

So, what are you waiting for? Taste the revolution of the Pitmaster Collection Dry Rubs & Sauces and experience how we at Saus.Guru are turning the sauce world upside down.

Discover why 95% of the top Pitmasters are increasingly choosing vegetables.

Who said BBQ is only about meat or fish is mistaken. It is also becoming more and more associated with the image of a self-respecting BBQ enthusiast. After all, it’s all about flavor, and if you already have some cooking skills, vegetables can quickly steal the show.

At Saus.Guru, we think beyond the ordinary, and we understand that vegetables are an essential and often underestimated part of a top-notch BBQ. And guess what? Our Pitmaster Collection sauces and rubs are not just for meat lovers!

Whether you’re a vegetarian who loves to bring (slowly) grilled vegetables to life with the perfect seasoning, or a vegan looking for that extra marinade for your BBQ tempeh, our Pitmaster Collection has you covered. Our sauces and rubs pair perfectly with a wide range of vegetables and plant-based proteins, elevating your BBQ experience to new heights.

Want to learn more about how to use our products for your veggie BBQ? Visit the specific product pages on our website for more information and inspiring recipes. Discover the vegetarian and vegan side of BBQ with Saus.Guru with each product!

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