Tokio High Sauce


A Saus.Guru interpretation of the so-called Teriyaki sauce. This sauce works at its best with high temperatures. With its powerful flavor and glazy character, this sauce is perfect for grilling or bbqing chicken and duck but also in combination with white sh, gamba’s and tuna success is definitely assured. Furthermore, this sauce works extremely well with stir fried dishes.

Built up of ingredients like Japanese mirin, premium soy sauce and garlic combined with light smoky flavors.

Water, mirin (suiker, glucose, azijn, sake), SOJAsaus (water, sojaboon, TARWE, zout), suiker, maiszetmeel, uienpoeder, kleurstof (karamel), VISsaus (ansjovisextract, zout, suiker), gedroogde kruiden, specerijen, natuurlijk aroma. Conserveermiddel: Kaliumsorbaat.
Voedingswaarden per 100ml
Energie 157Kcal/ 656kJ
Vet 0 g
Waarvan verzadigde vetzuren 0,0g
Koolhydraten 30,9 g
Waarvan suikers 28,9g
Eiwitten 2,3g
Zout 3,3g

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