Skull Original


Not for the faint hearted they say. And for good reason! This hot sauce isn’t for sissies. Eat it like ketchup, use it as a condiment with dishes containing meat, sh and poultry or even try it with a simple (grilled) cheese sandwich.
After the success of this hot sauce, there was a demand for even hotter sauces. Original’s hotter sister is Ultra Hot followed by their even tougher sister Death Wish; just as tasty but twice as hot! One thing’s for sure; all three specimens will make you enjoy them again the next morning…

Water, natuurazijn, suiker, tomatenpuree, gemodificeerd maiszetmeel, SOJAsaus(water, SOJAboon,TARWE , zout), zout, gedroogde kruiden en specerijen (SELDERIJ), verse chilimix (0,71%), natuurlijk aroma, kleurstof (paprikaextract) Conserveermiddel: Kaliumsorbaat
Voedingswaarden per 100ml
Energie: 101Kcal / 422kJ Vet: 0,1 gram Waarvan Verzadigd: 0 gram Koolhydraten : 21,4 gram Waarvan suikers: 20,6 gram Eiwit: 0,5 gram Zout: 1,0 gram


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