Skull Death Wish


In the Skull Hot Sauce series, this is the spiciest one. Like all the sauces of Saus.Guru the most important starting point is FLAVOUR. In the world of extreme hot sauces, mixing spiciness and flavor is a product developer’s biggest challenge. Often hot sauces are mostly a mixture of vinegar, salt, sugar, and peppers without any real depth. That’s why our hot sauces are not only developed for the heat, but also for their characteristic flavors.
DeathWish is made with a special blend of fresh chili peppers like the Chocolate Naga Jolokia, Classic Habanero, and the famous Carolina Reaper. Together with umami-packed flavors and a hint of cumin, this makes it a very diverse sauce.


Water, natuurazijn, suiker, tomatenpuree, gemodificeerd maiszetmeel, SOJAsaus(water, SOJAboon,TARWE , zout), zout, gedroogde kruiden en specerijen (SELDERIJ), verse chilimix (2%), natuurlijk aroma, kleurstof (paprikaextract)

Conserveermiddel: Kaliumsorbaat

Voedingswaarden per 100ml

Energie: 101Kcal / 422kJ

Vet: 0,1 gram

Waarvan Verzadigd: 0 gram

Koolhydraten : 21,4 gram

Waarvan suikers: 20,6 gram

Eiwit: 0,5 gram

Zout: 1,0 gram

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