Royal Umami Sauce


Based on the flavor principles of XO sauce, this Saus.Guru scion is one where umami is key. The savory, almost elusive nature of umami is probably why we long for it so much. A flavor type – after sweet, sour, salty and bitter – that gives a dish more depth, maturity and the need for more.

With flavor characteristics of dried fish, mushrooms, and fermented peppers combined with a powerful palate of herbs and spices, this sauce will lift your dishes to a whole new level.

Water, suiker, SOJAsaus (SOJAboon, water, TARWE, zout), gedroogde glucosestroop, tomatenpuree, gemodificeerd maïszetmeel, gedroogde uien, gedroogde knoflook, peperpasta (gefermenteerde rijst, maïssiroop, water, chilipeper, SOJApasta, alcohol, zout, TARWE-extract, knoflook, bonenpasta), VISsaus (ansjovis, zout, water), gedroogde kruiden, specerijen (SELDERIJ), kleurstof; paprika-extract. Conserveermiddel: Kaliumsorbaat.
Voedingswaarden per 100ml
Energie 168Kcal/ 702kJ
Vet 0,1g
Waarvan verzadigde vetzuren 0g
Koolhydraten 33,9g
Waarvan suikers 32,1g
Eiwitten 1,8g
Zout 2g

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