Magic5 Sauce


5 is a magical number. At least… it is when it concerns the number of spices that come together in the world famous 5 Spices melange. This spice blend is the cornerstone of the popular Hoisin sauce. Saus.Guru’s Magic5 is a derivative of this sauce. ‘A lot of depth and a sauce with muscle’, was the motto for developing this sauce. A spicy, umami-rich sauce with aspects of anise, cinnamon, and a light fruitiness is the end result.

Give your pulled pork some Asian air or use it to marinade your spareribs. Stir fry slices of beef or chicken with this sauce, together with a rich bouquet of vegetables.

Water, SOJAsaus (SOJAboon, water, TARWE, zout), suiker, gedroogde glucosestroop, ananas, Mirin (suiker, glucose, azijn, saké), gemodificeerd maïszetmeel, peperpasta (gefermenteerde rijst, maïssiroop, water, chilipeper, SOJApasta, alcohol, zout, TARWE-extract, knoflook, bonenpasta), VISsaus (ansjovis, zout, water), gedroogde kruiden, specerijen (SELDERIJ), kleurstof; paprika-extract, natuurlijk extract. Conserveermiddel: Kaliumsorbaat.
Voedingswaarden per 100ml
Energie 168Kcal/ 702kJ
Vet 0g
Waarvan verzadigde vetzuren 0g
Koolhydraten 35g
Waarvan suikers 25,6g
Eiwitten 2,3g
Zout 3,5g

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