Madagascar Roast BBQ Sauce


Madagascar is an island with a rich variety of exotic agricultural products. Situated between the continents of Africa and Asia, this island has a tropical climate. Mainly due to its great geographical differences it o ers ideal circumstances to grow cacao, vanilla, and coffee. These three amazing flavours, with the Original BBQ Sauce as a base, make our Madagascar Roast BBQ Sauce an excellent combination with (slow cooked) roastings. Especially when using intensely marbled beef!
Combination tip: use on slow cooked and roasted beef or an upscale Wagyu burger and try mixing it with our Black Pepper BBQ Sauce for even more muscle.

Zonder kunstmatige geur-, kleur,- en smaakstoffen.
Allergeneninformatie: bevat soja, gluten, mosterd & selderij
Voedingswaarden per 100ml
Energie 121 kcal/505 kJ
Vet 0,1 g
waarvan verzadigde vetzuren 0,1 g
Koolhydraten 26,2 g
waarvan suikers 22,2 g
Eiwitten 0,5 g
Zout 0,4 g

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