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Luxury Gift Pack with 3 Hot Sauces

This gift box contains 3 artisanally prepared hot sauces, each with its own unique flavor and spiciness level.
Madame Jeanette Hot Sauce™️ – Curaçao Classic 200ml
Madame Jeanette Hot Sauce™️ – Jamaican Jive 200ml
Madame Jeanette Hot Sauce™️ – Surinam Soul 200ml


In stock

Would you like to have a taste? Order our sampler box now.

This gift box contains 3 artisanal hot sauces, each with its own unique flavor and level of spiciness.
Madame Jeanette Hot Sauce™️ – Curaçao Classic 200ml
Madame Jeanette Hot Sauce™️ – Jamaican Jive 200ml
Madame Jeanette Hot Sauce™️ – Surinam Soul 200ml

Short Brand Story Madame Jeanette Hot Sauce™️
Born in the Caribbean in 1978 and part of the Saus.Guru Collection since 2020.
The brand creates typical hot sauces that are produced in small production batches by Saus.Guru. Artisanally made. 100% natural. 100% Plant-based.
Fun fact for collectors: Each bottle has its own unique floral print. None are the same.
The brand derives its name from the eponymous pepper. A very hot chili pepper from the Habanero botanical family.
This hot pepper is essential and a must in authentic Caribbean and South American cuisine, especially in Suriname and the Antilles.


Sitting around the campfire, the mysterious story goes that two centuries ago there lived a highly coveted young woman.
Her name? Madame Jeanette.
She was adored by many men in the colonial region of (French) Guiana because of her fiery and also lustful character.
According to legend, this pepper owes ‘her’ name to the characteristics of this fiery Madame Jeanette, because ‘she’ has the same properties: hot and very desirable.

The brand
Both the name and logo of Madame Jeanette Hot Sauce refer to the desirable woman who has lived on mysteriously in legend for generations and to the hot pepper that has been cultivated, prepared and consumed with love for more than two centuries.

The pepper
The authentic Madame Jeanette pepper is the basis for all brand products, which are all carefully and naturally composed.
The characteristic aroma of this pepper elevates your food to a higher level.
With every bite, you’ll feel like you’re in Caribbean atmospheres with sun-drenched white beaches and deep blue waters.
This pepper is irresistible!

The Culture
“Sin Pika Ta Piká”, as Madame Jeanette’s tattoo reads, symbolizes the deep love for spicy food in Caribbean culture. It is in Papiamento and roughly translates to “Living without heat is a sin” or actually just a waste. You can interpret it in different ways, but it just means that you should enjoy life to the fullest, in all aspects, and definitely not forget to season your food well. That would be a shame. Enjoy cooking!

Technical Information
Madame Jeanette, also known as Capsicum Chinense, is a hot chili pepper that is a member of the Habanero family and is said to originate from Suriname. The pods of this type are asymmetrical and always ripen to the color yellow. The heat level of this pepper typically ranges from 1.5 million to 3.5 million Scoville, depending on factors such as sunlight time, soil composition, harvesting time, and temperature levels at the time of harvesting.

Are these peppers/sauces for you?
Madame Jeanette peppers are highly regarded for their characteristic and pleasant aroma. Comparisons can be made to the aroma of citrus fruits, pineapple, mango, and black pepper. The taste is best described as spicy and sharp, but on the other hand, also fresh and fruity. Fans of Madame Jeanette are usually not only looking for extreme heat or possible pain caused by capsaicin. Instead, they are true connoisseurs and lovers of the refined aroma mentioned earlier. This pepper is for the true ‘die-hard’ foodies. Are you also a fan of Madame J.?

Trivia for Hot Sauce Lovers
All hot sauces from Saus.Guru are small handmade productions.
For the desired quality of hot sauce, Saus.Guru has developed a number of special pepper blends and mixes that ensure the right aromas and taste balance.
The right peppers are grown for Saus.Guru and carefully selected by Dutch growers.
For the Madame Jeanette Hot Sauce, a special blend of classic and refined Madame Jeanette peppers is used for the optimal pepper taste and aromas.
The fruits are cleaned one by one, blended, then salted, aged, and frozen to stop the ripening process.
This way, our production always has the desired quality, even in winter.

Good to know.
Because the popularity of hot peppers has increased sharply in recent years, it has become lucrative to commit fraud and there are now many fake peppers on the market.
Therefore, Saus.Guru only works with reputable Dutch growers who operate under international quality certification.
No amateurs growing in attics and sheds.
This way, we are ensured that the peppers have always been grown based on the best quality and safety standards, and that the seeds and fruits are checked for genetic purity.
After the peppers have received a final inspection, they are mixed in various ratios to create the perfect aromatic blends.
Peppers grown for Saus.Guru include: Madame Jeanette, Carolina Reaper, various Jolokia’s, Scorpions, Habaneros, and other special capsicum types.

At Saus.Guru, a hot sauce is first and foremost about taste experience.
We don’t strive to make the hottest sauces, because that’s not the art.
Everything is about taste balance and we strive to have a full-fledged hot sauce in the collection at different pepper strengths.

Serving suggestions

A gift that warms the heart, for you or a heat-enthusiast friend.

Instructions for use

This wondrous box, a gift so fine, To offer up or call it thine; A treasure wrapped in joy’s design, Embrace its charm, let bliss entwine.


Madame Jeanette – Curaçao Classic: Pika Yu! Ingredients: 50% Onion, water, 12% Madame Jeanette pepper, vinegar, sugar, salt, 0.75% Carolina Reaper, spices, natural flavor, food acid (lactic acid, malic acid). Madame Jeanette – Jamaican Jive: YA Mon! Ingredients: Onion, 25% cucumber, 13% Madame Jeanette pepper, water, 12% papaya, vinegar, sugar, salt, garlic, spices, natural flavor, food acid (lactic acid, malic acid). Madame Jeanette – Surinam Soul: Faya Sowsu! Ingredients: 32% Onion, 23% cucumber, water, 10% Madame Jeanette pepper, vinegar, sugar, salt, spices, natural flavor, food acid (lactic acid, malic acid).

Nutrition Information

Madame Jeanette – Curaçao Classic: per 100 gram: Energy: 41Kcal / 174kJ Fat: 0.14g of which saturated: 0.05g Carbohydrates: 8.5g of which sugars: 8.4g Fiber: 1.5g Protein: 0.9g Salt: 2.13g Madame Jeanette – Jamaican Jive: per 100 gram: Energy: 42Kcal / 173kJ Fat: 0.16g of which saturated: 0.03g Carbohydrates: 7.5g of which sugars: 7.1g Fiber: 1.2g Protein: 0.9g Salt: 2.17g Madame Jeanette – Surinam Soul: per 100 gram: Energy: 34Kcal / 140kJ Fat: 0.12g of which saturated: 0.03g Carbohydrates: 6.7g of which sugars: 6.7g Fiber: 1.2g Protein: 0.8g Salt: 1.8g”


This product contains the following allergens:

Please see the ingredient declarations per product.

Free from


Although we strive to minimize the risk of cross-contamination and diligently follow strict manufacturing practices, there is a possibility that our products may come into contact with allergens during the production process. For more detailed information regarding allergens and our production practices, please visit this page.


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