We hebben enkele bevriende chefs en fellow-food-lovers (uit binnen- en buitenland) gevraagd of zij een bijzonder product of bereidingswijze of hun favoriete recept met ons willen delen. In een serie guest blogs zullen deze hier op ons blog verschijnen. De eerste in deze reeks is direct een heel bijzondere: IPA salt – met IPA BBQ Beits geïnfuseerd zout, door onze Duitse vriend Marco (op Instagram bekend als Glutrausch). Lees gauw verder voor Marco’s verhaal en uitleg! (In het Engels. Op verzoek sturen we met alle liefde een Nederlandse vertaling op, of gebruik Google Translate.)

And now for our non-Dutch friends:

We’ve asked a few colleague chefs and fellow-food-lovers (from NL and abroad) if they’d be willing to share a special product or preparation method or their favorite recipe with us. These contributions will be posted here on our blog in a series of guest blogs. First up is something pretty unique: IPA salt – salt infused with ‘IPA BBQ Beits‘ (glaze) by our German friend Marco (also known as Glutrausch on Instagram). Read on for Marco’s story and explanation!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor instagram logo @Glutrausch

Naam: Marco
Favorite Sauces: Hot-Sauces & Asian Connection
Favorite Foods: Burgers & Steaks


IPA-Salt prep

The idea behind this is super simple: What spice do you need most for cooking, grilling , barbecue? I’d say it’s salt. And what makes a great Barbecue even better? For sure it’s beer! So here we have the perfect match and why shouldn’t we combine those two crucial ingredients to put it on everything we like: pork chops, chicken, french fries, eggs… you name it. The Saus.Guru Beits has a unique and beautiful IPA flavor and offers a great opportunity to create this tasty and flavorful salt. And the best thing is, it’s really easy to make. Let’s get it on!

I recommend using sea salt flakes because it’s easier to mix and I prefer the smooth taste of it.

Mix it gently until the salt has an even beits coating. I took one tablespoon for 100 grams of salt.

Now you need to dry that mix. I use a dehydrator but you can of course just use your oven as well. I recommend to dry it on a low temperature of 50°C as it might burn when using higher temperatures.

Spread the mixture in an even layer and dry it for at least 12 hours. Finally grind it and store it in an airtight container.

The result is this beautiful, amber coloured goodness:

This salt captures the wonderful taste of a sweet IPA and releases it once you put it on your food. It melts when it gets warm and leaves lovely little taste explosions.

About Glutrausch

I’m Marco and I’m a Chilihead. I’m telling you this because my passion for cooking and creating sauces actually started when I cooked my first Hot Sauces with homegrown Chilies and Peppers. I’ve always liked cooking but the Chilies made me dig deeper and so it all began. A few years ago I fell in love with BBQ because c’mon… what’s better than cooking awesome food for your family and friends on open fire?! And Chili and BBQ have been best friends ever since. Making the first Pulled Pork and Ribs got me hooked and I just love everything connected to BBQ. It’s the whole process from preparing the food, setting up the Grill, cooking and enjoying incredible flavors with the ones I love.

My all time favorites are steaks and burgers. Steaks because for me they are the epitome of pure flavor. Burgers because they are like a blank canvas you can use to realize your wildest dreams. Everything is possible; from super basic to the most epic towers.

My favorite Saus.Guru sauces are their HOT Sauces and the Asian Connection sauces. I love the HOT Sauces because S.G didn’t just come up with another ‘extreme heat’ sauce; they made it delicious and that is what it’s all about. The Asian Connection sauces are like candy for me. You just can’t get enough of it. They lift everything to a damn high level.

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