Sauces for chefs, by chefs!

Sauces for chefs, by chefs!

Always a surprise, never what you’d expect.

At Saus.Guru everything is about flavor. Our professional chefs have one mission: to make sauces that stand out!

Always a surprise, never what you’d expect.

At Saus.Guru everything is about flavor. Our professional chefs have one mission: to make sauces that stand out!

Get inspired!

Get inspired!

Experience the flavours of the world

Get creative and start cooking

Aubergine op de barbecue? Dat doe je zo!

Een van de grootste verrassingen als het gaat om het grillen van groente was voor mij de aubergine. Deze prachtige, donkerpaarse vrucht (want dat is het eigenlijk) ondergaat een ware transformatie wanneer hij lang genoeg op de barbecue heeft gelegen.
Aubergine kan bij een korte bereidingstijd een iets bittere smaak hebben. Maar gril hem gedurende langere tijd op de Q en hij verandert in een overheerlijke, bijna zoete, zachte en zelfs smeerbare lekkernij! In deze vorm is het bijvoorbeeld de basis voor baba ganoush.

Groente grillen

De afgelopen maanden heb ik ontzettend veel geëxperimenteerd met verschillende types barbecue, griltechnieken, diverse soorten houtskool en alternatieve producten voor op de Q. Wat is er een wereld voor me open gegaan zeg! Wat mij tijdens deze ontdekkingstochten vooral positief heeft verbaasd is hoe ontzettend lekker groente wordt wanneer je dit grilt.

BBQ pizza: Smokey BBQ Salmon

De eerste BBQ pizza die ik met jullie wil delen is een heerlijk lichte, frisse pizza: de Smokey BBQ Salmon! Lekker met een flinke swirl Witte BBQ Saus en licht pittige rucola.
Echt een topper als je op een warme zomerdag je pizza-fix nodig hebt, maar geen zin hebt in die zware kaas en tomatensaus combi.

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Available at:

Mango and cinnamon have been friends for a long time. In Asia and South America this has long since been an established combination, but in the rest of the world it still welcomed with surprised yet enthusiastic reactions.

Not only a tasty beverage, but a functional one too. It is sweet, but it also has an interesting PH-level which makes it very functional in marinades as well. The acidic compounds in Cola make it so that meats get tender and juicy while marinating. This is why Cola has always been a popular ingredient, especially in BBQ. Its flavours mix well with BBQ herbs and spices.

Subtle flavors of smoked sweet and hot peppers and a beautiful balance between around 2 dozen authentic herbs and spices make this Original BBQ-sauce suitable for nearly every application.

Madagascar is an island with a rich variety of exotic agricultural products. Situated between the continents of Africa and Asia, this island has a tropical climate. Mainly due to its great geographical differences it offers ideal circumstances to grow cacao, vanilla and coffee. These three amazing flavors, with the Original BBQ-sauce as a base, make our Madagascar Roast BBQ-sauce an excellent combination with (slow cooked) roastings. Especially when using intensely marbled beef!

By Chefs for Chefs

The Saus.Guru Story

In 2015 two professional chefs decided to start a sauce business. A company that would provide the best sauces based on their years of cooking experience, food-travels, and passion for flavors and textures.

Within a few weeks after launching their tiny webshop, import-inquiries came from Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium. The sales in The Netherlands were also rocketing and before they knew it they had over 900 selling points in 4 countries.

In both the professional and in the at-home market, Saus.Guru was gaining name fast. With their Michelin Starred Chefs collaborations, and their constant search for new and trending flavors, the collection now displays over 45 products.

Specialized in BBQ sauces, marinades and glazes, the total collection grew fast. It now exists of an Asian sauce range, an infamous HOT sauce collection, glazes, toppings and dressings.


Good chefs value selecting their produce. An end-product is only as good as the produce it is made off. At Saus.Guru we take pride in using only the best and only natural ingredients to create big flavors and adding dimension to our sauces.


Saus.Guru aims to add awareness to the fact that all consumptions must be well balanced. Too much of anything is bad. Even water.

In our modern day diets most people still rely too much on animal protein. Often, because of lack of imagination and knowledge, we tend to go for the conventional selections; chicken, beef, poultry and pork.

With the rising need to bend the assumption that our diet must consist of animal proteins, Saus.Guru is using their professional cooking background to inspire people how to be creative using less or no animal proteins at all! Check out our inspirational blog-section:

Did you know that most of the Saus.Guru products are Vegan?

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